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How do Expenses work?

Team Members

By default, all team members with a card can submit expenses through the mobile app. When a team member spends on their Revolut Business card, they’ll receive an instant notification to upload a receipt and fill in any required other expense. They can simply do everything on the go:

  • tap on the push notification
  • snap a photo of a receipt or upload a file
  • select a category
  • add a description
  • add labels
  • submit the expense


When the team member has submitted the expense, the expense will be ready for review. You can review and approve this expense, or if the expense is out of company policy, you can request a refund from your team member.

Once approved, the expense data can be downloaded manually as a CSV or automatically synced to an accounting software, such as Xero.

In-app & email reminders will also help you stay on top of all company expenses that need to be reviewed.