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How do I approve an expense?

The Expenses app has 3 main tabs:

  1. Incomplete - A list of all expenses that are missing information such as receipt, category, description or labels
  2. In review - A list of all the expenses that have all the necessary information attached, waiting to be reviewed by the administrator.
  3. Reviewed - A list of all approved expenses.

To approve an expense:

  • Go to the In Review tab
  • Click on an expense and review the information
  • Once you are satisfied, simply click on the Approve button and the expense will move to the Reviewed tab. It is now ready to be exported!
  • You can also edit any of the information before you approve the expense
  • If the expense is not within company policy, simply click on Request refund button. Your team member who made the expense will receive a notification to refund the money bank to the company