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How can I download my transfer confirmation or MT103?

For every bank transfer successfully sent or received, you can download a transfer confirmation as a proof of payment receipt. If your transfer hasn't landed yet, you can share the relevant transaction confirmation with your recipient to give to their bank – this can often speed up the process of tracking your transfer. To get a copy of a transfer confirmation:

  • Go to Home
  • Next to 'Transactions' click See all and select the relevant bank transfer
  • On a side window, click the Download confirmation

The transfer confirmation includes:

  • Your name and account details
  • The recipient's name and account details
  • The date of the transfer
  • The transfer amount
  • An external payment reference

If you're not able to download the transfer confirmation statement yourself or you need SWIFT/MT103 message, please complete a request to our support team here. We don't provide any other type of statements for transfers (i.e.: MT940).