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How do I book an FX Forward contract?

To book an FX Forward contract:

  • Log into you Revolut Business account on our web app
  • Go to Treasury, in the menu on the left-hand side of your account

In the same Treasury section, you’ll be able to see your entire portfolio: your balance available to withdraw, scheduled and available for exchange funds, upcoming exchanges, as well as completed contracts.

By clicking on each contract (by selecting the Contract box), you’ll see the agreed exchange rate and the contract’s start and end date. You’ll also be notified by email about any action taken regarding your FX Forward contracts.

Revolut Business currently offers FX Forwards up to three months in advance.

You can access your portfolio of transactions under the Hedging tab in your Revolut Business account. You’ll be able to see any requests for additional deposits here, as well as if you can remove funds from your deposit account. You can also access your Available for exchange contracts in this tab and exchange funds at the pre-agreed rate.

On the final day of the forward, we’ll try to convert the funds from the source pocket you chose when you booked the transaction and place the exchanged funds into the chosen currency pocket. You’ll receive notifications reminding you to add funds to your account if you don’t have enough. Please make sure that you have enough money in the account, otherwise we might have to cancel your remaining transactions and charge you for any loss.

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