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Getting set-up

Follow the instructions from the To-do tiles in the app to get started.

Enrol in Payroll

Select which Revolut team members to include in your payroll. If you have the people management permission, you can invite any employee who isn’t on your Revolut Business team yet.

This tile needs to be completed before the others are shown. 

Finish onboarding

After enrolling your employees, complete their onboarding by filling in the critical sections of their profile.

Create a pay schedule

To pay your employees, create a pay schedule defining the basic information of a pay run (e.g. country, frequency, pay day). We only support UK monthly schedules for now. 

Set up pensions

Replicate the setup you have with your pension provider (tax relief and calculation method, employee and employer contribution). Individual contributions can be amended at the user level. Pension reports will be easy to download once you have confirmed a pay run. 

Set up tax 

Fill in your HMRC credentials and company information so we can take care of legal reporting for you. This is not a required step for the first month of the beta as it will be a parallel run.

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