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How is my money protected?

As an electronic money institution, we're required to safeguard any money we receive from you or any of our customers. See our Business Terms.

This means your money is either placed in a dedicated client money bank account we hold with a large global bank, or invested in low-risk liquid assets held in a dedicated client asset account we hold with a large global financial institution.

Safeguarding helps protect you. It means if we became insolvent (unable to pay our debts), you'll get your money first. Our customers’ claims would be paid out from our dedicated client money bank and asset accounts, before anyone else’s claims are paid out.

As we're an electronic money institution and not a bank, your money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). That’s because it’s safeguarded instead.

Our obligations to safeguard and protect your money kick in when we receive the funds, or after five days if we've issued you electronic money but have not received the funds by then. For example, if you receive a bank transfer, we receive the funds right away – so our obligation to safeguard them starts right away too. However, if you top up your Revolut Business account using your stored card, we may not be paid the funds by the issuer of your card until a few days later. In this case, our obligations to safeguard those funds begin when we receive the funds or five days passing after your top-up.

Our obligations to safeguard your money end when you have spent it and it has been paid out on your behalf.