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Timeframes to receive a transfer

Important information about transfer timeframes

  • Banks don't usually process transfers on weekends and bank holidays
  • Banks may need to run additional checks on your transfers to comply with their regulations, which can cause delays

Usual timeframes per transfer type

Local transfers

Local GBP:

  • Up to 3 business days

EUR SEPA transfers (the Single Euro Payments Area):

  •  Up to 2 business days

Indian Rupee (INR), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), and Philippine Peso (PHP):

  • Up to 1 business day

International transfers (other than specified above)

  • Up to 5 business days

Transfer is pending

Your transfer may need to be reviewed due to regulatory requirements, or if we didn't receive all the information from the sender's bank. We'll let you know if we need more information from you.

In most cases, pending transfers are completed after a few hours. If your transfer has been pending for more than 24 hours, please reach out to us.