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Why am I being matched with another account?

This happens when you are trying to submit an application for a new account and our system recognises your phone number in our database. For example, if you have applied for an account in the past or if you already have an existing one.

If you already have an active one, you can link the accounts during the application process to resolve this. However, if you have a former application that you never finished, you’ll need to use a different phone number.

 An account, or unfinished profile, that’s blocking you from creating another one is what we call a “limbo” profile. Basically, it’s an empty application that’s not letting you use personal information you’ve submitted before. This could be caused by a partial profile that was submitted in error, or abandoned, which may need to be closed in the system to avoid conflicting accounts. In this case, please contact our Revolut Business support team.