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How do I set up the HR software integration?

Integrate your Revolut Business account with supported HR software to automate employee management and save time. Doing so allows you to automatically update your team member's data and stay on top of your company's evolving structure as you grow. 

  • Sync your team member's data, keeping your team's information and any approval processes up to date
  • Automatically suspend access to offboarded team members leaving your company
  • Automatically invite new joiners (if you choose to enable)

Here's how to set up the HR integration:

You’ll need the ‘Manage team members’ and ‘Manage integrations’ permission ons to proceed.

  1. Go to 'Team tab' → 'Settings' → 'Connect HR software' → select your HR software from the list
  2. Follow the authentication flow and connect

Once connected, you’ll be prompted to finish the setup and invite team members:

  1. Enable Auto-sync to sync team members on Revolut Business with your HR software data.
  2. Optionally, enable Auto-invite to automatically invite any new team members on your HR software to Revolut Business
  3. Select the team members to invite from the list we pulled from your HR software
  4. Set permissions and assign them cards
  5. Invites will be sent at the end of the set-up process

Important notes:

  • To manage the settings of this integration after completing the setup: go to Team tab → Settings → click Manage on the HR software banner (or go to the integration’s preference page in Integrations)
  • We recommend the person setting up the integration has admin rights in your HR software to make full use of it
  • If you’ve just set up your HR software, there may be a delay syncing with it before you can invite team members with it

Check out the list of HR integrations we support.