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Getting a German IBAN

Revolut has launched its German branch, and customers resident in Germany will now have the option to migrate their accounts to this branch and receive a German IBAN. This will allow customers to: 

  • Receive their salary directly into their Revolut account
  • Make payments via Direct Debit and pay utility providers 
  • Avoid additional paperwork often required for non-German IBANs when using their Revolut account for other purposes 

Eligibility criteria

To have your account migrated to the German branch, you need to meet some specific requirements. For example, you'll need the required documentation and your country of residence must be Germany. You won't be migrated to the German branch until you meet these criteria.

Migration process

If you're eligible for a German IBAN, we'll email you to ask for your consent to move your account to our German branch. If you have a joint account and/or a Revolut Pro account, a new DE IBAN will be created for these accounts once your personal account is migrated.

We'll begin migrating your account once you've given your consent to move branches via the email we sent you.

This is a simple process — all you have to do is:

  1. Follow the steps in-app to update your information 
  2. Accept the new Revolut Germany T&Cs

Recurring payments

Even after receiving your new DE IBAN, you can continue to use the LT IBAN for your current direct debits and inbound payments. However, it's important to note that your account will be fully migrated to the German branch, making the new local DE IBAN the primary identifier for your account.