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How do I invite team members via the HR software integration?

Using the HR integration to invite team members saves you a lot of manual work. To do so, you first need to set up the integration. You’ll need the ‘Manage team members’ and ‘Manage integrations’ permissions to proceed.

To invite with HR integration:

  • Go to 'Team' tab → 'Invite'Invite from HR software → select the team members you want to invite from the list we pulled from your HR software
  • Or you can automate invitation of new joiners by enabling 'Auto-invite' (see below)

Automatically invite new joiners to Revolut Business

  • Auto-invite enables automatic onboarding of any new team members as they join your company, eliminating manual invitation and saving valuable time (if you choose to enable)
  • It is an optional setting that can be enabled when connecting to the HR software as described in this article.
  • It can also be enabled or disabled later in the 'Team' tab → 'Settings' → click 'Manage' next to the HR software banner  toggle 'Auto-invite' on or off in the preferences page of the HR integration.
  • Auto-invite periodically scans your HR software for new team members, automatically inviting them with a no-spending setup (Member role and no cards). Adjustments can be made after the invitations.

Important notes:

  • If you’ve just set up your HR software, there may be a delay syncing with it before you can invite team members with it

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