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What does the trip & event cancellation protection cover me for?

Trip & event cancellation protection is available for Revolut Ultra plan customers only.

This is just an overview of the insurance policy conditions.

You can access the full version of Terms & Conditions by going to Lifestyle → Insure → select a type → All Documents.

Trip & Event Cancellation Protection offers coverage for trip and event tickets purchased from your Revolut account.

This coverage protects you when you need to cancel your trip or event before leaving your home. You don't need to justify your reason to cancel. That said, there are still some general exclusions to avoid fraudulent behaviour and systemic risks.

You'll be refunded for expenses not recoverable contractually by the retailers' conditions of sale for a maximum €5,000 per claim for a listed cancellation reasons, or for a maximum €2,500 for any cancellation reason. The maximum amount you can receive in a 12-month period is €5,000.

This protection covers worldwide events except in countries under sanctions (check 'Economic and Trade Sanctions' of the policy wording for more information).

Main exclusions are:

  • You already got or will get reimbursed by the provider (e.g. voucher, refund, etc.).
  • The event was cancelled by the provider.
  • There is no event date on your ticket.
  • You booked the travel or event for business purposes.
  • You made illegal actions.
  • War, nuclear event, etc.
  • For any reason, you won't be covered if you were aware of the cancellation reason before booking.