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Paying with Revolut while travelling

You can withdraw cash with your Revolut card worldwide, allowing you to pay in cash while you travel. See which countries support ATM withdrawals, and make sure you know before you arrive. Revolut automatically converts your balance to the currency of the payment you choose to pay in. This means you don’t need to pre-purchase currencies, or exchange your money, before your trip.

When you make a card payment abroad in a different currency, we check if you have money in that currency already and deduct it from that account if you do. If not, we charge the base currency of where your account is registered. If your base currency balance is too low, we'll charge the next active account that has enough money available.

If there isn't enough money in any of your currency accounts to cover the payment, the transaction will be declined.

Learn more about additional fees for currency exchanges in this FAQ.

👉 To prevent a specific currency account from being charged: you can either make sure there are insufficient funds in that account, or deactivate it in the app by tapping details under your balance and selecting hide.

To know more about withdrawing cash abroad, check out this FAQ article.