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What are the card spending limits for my personal account?

To keep your money safe, we apply weekly limits for card payments based on the merchant's registered business type (also known as the “MCC code”). These merchants belong to the following categories, with the limits as follows:

  • Non-financial institutions – foreign currency, money orders (excluding wire transfers) and traveller's cheques – £10,000, or currency equivalent, per 7 days
  • Money orders – Wire transfers – £25,000, or currency equivalent, per 7 days
  • Betting (including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting, and wagers at racetracks) – £25,000, or currency equivalent, per 7 days

👉 Weekly limits reset after a 7-day period from the first day you exceed the limit. For example, if you spend £10,000 on the 1st of January, then your limit will be reduced by £10,000 until it resets after 7 days have passed – on the 8th January.