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I would like a refund for something I bought

If your payment is in a 🕤 pending state, your funds should be returned automatically once the hold period expires.

 👉 You can check the reversal date inside the app: Head to transactions → Tap on the payment → the reversal date will be shown under the transaction location.

For unsatisfactory goods, services, flight and hotel cancellations, or incorrect charges, contact the merchant for a refund. This is usually the fastest way to get your money back.

If the merchant is not able to help you after the transaction is completed, you can fill out our in-app chargeback form:

  • From your transaction history, select the relevant payment,
  • Tap on ‘Get help’ and select what suits your case,
  • If the selected issue allows us to raise a chargeback, you’ll have a ‘Submit Chargeback Form’ button.