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What are the fees for ordering a card?

Card fees vary by plan:

  • Standard customers get 1 card, just need to pay delivery fees for. Extra cards cost a card fee and a delivery charge.
  • Plus customers get 2 cards at no cost, both with no-fee standard delivery (no tracking). Extra cards will cost a fee, and customers will be charged for any express delivery with tracking.
  • Premium, Metal and Ultra customers can order 2 cards at no cost, both also with no fee express delivery with tracking. We’ll charge a fee for any additional cards, but we won’t charge delivery fees.

You can personalise your card with your own design on any paid plan, without any additional customisation costs. Standard customers can personalise cards as well, but they’ll need to pay a customisation fee.

For exact fees, start the card order in-app and proceed to checkout. Don’t worry, you won't be charged until you confirm by tapping 'Pay'.

To check fees:

  • Go to 'Cards' section
  • Tap on '+ Add new'
  • Choose your preferred card type (physical or virtual)
  • See exact fees under card design

If you cancel the card order within 1 hour of ordering, the fees will be returned to your account right away. Find out more.

If you think your card is compromised, you can replace it without any charge, by going to card settings and pressing 'Replace'.