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Invites for shareholders and directors

Invite shareholders and directors to verify their identity

  1. Go to 'Home' in the Revolut Business app
  2. Select the 'Corporate structure' tile
  3. Once the necessary directors and shareholders are added, confirm the structure
  4. In 'Corporate structure' screen, click 'Verify details'
  5. Select a name that requires action, and send an email or link invitation for them to complete their profile

First attempt to verify identity fails

  • They'll receive an email notifying them that details are missing
  • They’ll have 14 days to submit the necessary details using the previous email or link invitation
  • After 14 days, the link will expire. Therefore, you’ll need to delete the person from your Revolut Business application and add them again

How long will the verification take?

Once all applicable business owners have provided their details, please allow 24 hours for our team to verify them and respond. After this timeframe, if you haven’t received an email notifying you that your verification is completed, please check your Home screen to make sure there’s no additional request for information.