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What is commission?

Brokers and trading platforms often charge clients a fee for using their services – these are commonly referred to as commission or trading fees. Brokers and trading platforms may charge investors a commission to execute orders for the buying and selling of stocks on their behalf. Commission charges vary from firm to firm so it's important to verify each broker's and trading platform’s fee schedules before buying stocks. Other fees (such as custody and FX fees) may apply.

See below for a non-exhaustive list of different fees used by various brokers:

  • Commission (trading fee) – Usually charged for execution of orders
  • Custody/management fee – Typically charged for keeping assets administered
  • FX fee – Charged when converting between different currencies when trading
  • Deposit fee – Typically charged as a percentage of the funds deposited for investment
  • Withdrawal fee – Typically charged as a percentage of the amount withdrawn from a customer’s investment account
  • Inactivity fee – A fee charged when a customer has not traded for a predefined time period

You can find out more about Revolut’s fee schedule here. Please familiarise yourself with our fee schedule before using Revolut's investment services.