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How are my investments with Revolut protected?

Revolut Securities Europe UAB is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your money and investments. Your assets are protected in 3 main ways:

We're authorized and regulated

Revolut Securities Europe UAB is a Lithuanian investment firm authorised and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. As such, we're subject to EU directives and regulations, as enacted into Lithuanian law, and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. You can view more information about our registration and licence on this page.

Your assets are segregated from ours

As a licensed firm, we're required to segregate your assets from our own. Your assets remain in a separate entity and always belong to you. They won't be affected if anything were to happen to Revolut Securities Europe UAB, such as bankruptcy.

Your assets are insured

In addition to your assets being segregated, Revolut Securities Europe UAB is a participant in the insurance system of liabilities to investors. This additional insurance on your assets covers up to €22,000 in the unlikely event of the liquidation of Revolut Securities Europe UAB, and failure to protect your assets.

See more information about the Liabilities to Investors Insurance Scheme on this page.