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Closing my stock position

If you want to close your entire stock position, you must submit a quantity-based order rather than a price-based order.

For example, if you have 0.482 units of AAPL — worth $79 in current market value — in your investment account, and you want to sell all of it:

  1. Click the 'Sell' button;
  2. Submit a quantity-based order on the AAPL cell - you can either manually enter 0.482 or select 'Max' to automatically fill in the maximum quantity you can sell;
  3. Click 'Sell AAPL' button to submit your order.

If you use the USD cell to enter the current market value of $79, this will submit a price-based order. Due to fluctuating prices, price-based orders will not guarantee that your entire stock holding will be sold.

Withdrawing money to your current account is only available once the trade has settled — this normally takes 2 trading days. The funds will be deposited into your USD current account.