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Revolut fees for Adding Money by Card

👉 We will always disclose Revolut fee, before you add any money on the top-up screen, below the amount of your top-up.

When you add money to your account with certain cards a small fee will incur. This is to cover the processing costs of card top-ups applied by the service provider. The following cards types will incur a fee:

  • Domestic commercial card (up to 1%)
  • Domestic credit card (up to 1%)
  • International commercial card (up to 2.5%)
  • International credit card (up to 2%)
  • International prepaid/debit card (up to 2%)

You can still top-up without fees using Local bank transfer or Domestic debit card top-ups.

If you think Revolut has applied an incorrect fee to your personal top-up card, request a written confirmation from your bank to prove the card is private. The document should include: first six and last four digits of the card, your personal details, name of the issuing bank, card’s billing address and indication it's a personal/non-commercial card. Once you received confirmation from your bank, please provide it to us.

👉 If there was no fee displayed on the top-up screen but you still got charged, check 🔍 this article to read more about bank fees.