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How can I control my spending with the budgeting feature?

Revolut’s simple budgeting tool allows you to keep track of your spending at all times. Setting a budget lets you estimate how much you’ll spend over a set period of time and plan your spending accordingly.

Revolut offers an option to set an overall 📊 budget according to your spending habits, allocate spending goals to each category (e.g. Shopping) and provides you an easy way to check if your spending is on track. You can create, edit and delete the budget in the app.

Payments are automatically assigned to their respective categories, but you can also change the category of a payment according to your needs. Make sure all your transactions are correctly categorized to make the most out of the budgeting feature.

Easily add how much you want to spend each month or each week and we’ll work out a daily spending limit you can stick to, to meet your goals. You’ll know exactly how much is safe to spend taking into account your upcoming payments, when you’re close to reaching your budget limit, or when you’ve overspent.

You can also set budgets for specific categories and track all your budgets in one place.