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What are the transfer limits?

For most currencies, there are no limits as for transfer amount. Certain currencies might have limits imposed by our payments partners, which we’re unable to disclose due to compliance reasons.

Specific limits apply for:

  • If you are in the UK or EU, transfers British Pounds (GBP) to UK beneficiaries are limited to £250k per transaction, £500k per day, and £1m per week. You cannot make more than 50 transfers in 24 hours, or more than 200 transfers in 7 days.
  • If you're making a transfer to or from Japan, there is a limit of 1m Japanese Yen (JPY) equivalent per transaction.

Please be aware that the way we process transfers can change depending on the amount. This means that arrival times, intermediary fees charged by other banks and description your recipient might see on their statement can differ. We provide more information on this when you make a transfer in the app.

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