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Earning cashback with Metal plan

Metal Cashback is a feature that's only available with a Revolut Metal subscription. You can earn Metal Cashback on all the physical and virtual card payments you make with eligible merchants, in any of our 27 27 fiat currencies or 6 cryptocurrencies. Just select the currency you want your cashback to be paid in, and you're done! You can check your Metal Cashback balance and update your Cashback currency any time in the 'Vaults' section of the app.

When you change the currency of your Metal cashback vault, all the cashback you have there is withdrawn to your available balance. You can check the withdrawal on the transactions' section of the app.

Remember that you can earn cashback up to 100% of your subscription fee per rolling month and cashback will be registered immediately after a transaction, but will remain as pending until the relevant card payment is completed.

Merchants excluded from Metal Cashback are those involved in providing financial services such as quasi-cash, e-wallets, securities trading, gambling, and other services related to accessing liquid financial assets.

All Metal Cashback for Australian customers will be earned at a rate of 0.1% in Australia and 1% outside Australia.

Note that cashback % depends on the location (country) where the merchant is based. This might be different to the location (country) in which you made the payment.

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