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What is Revolut Junior, and who can create a Revolut Junior account?

Revolut Junior accounts are accounts for children, connected to their parent's Revolut account.

We’ve created Revolut Junior as we want to help kids and teenagers gain smart money habits that will serve them for life. At Revolut, we believe that getting better with money is something you learn little by little, through real-world experience and with help from your parents/guardians.

As a parent, you can set up a Revolut Junior account for your child and order a Revolut prepaid card for them, all within your Revolut app. Your child can then spend the money you make available to them, and use the Revolut Junior app to check their balance and transactions. They can also access money management tools adapted to their age.

Revolut Junior accounts can only be created by a parent or legal guardian residing in Europe, Australia or the US. Revolut Junior will be rolled out to more countries very soon, so stay tuned!

Revolut Junior accounts can only be created for children aged between 6 and 17 in Europe and Australia, and 12 to 17 in the US.

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