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Can I control my child's use of the Revolut Junior card?

Parental supervision is key as your child learns essential money management skills and how to use a payment card.

As a parent, you have access to your child's balance and transactions. If you have enabled push notifications for your transactions, you will also receive instant notifications when your child is spending money.

If something looks odd, open your child’s profile in your Revolut app, tap on their card and open the PIN & Security menu. You can then enable or disable swipe payments, contactless payments, online transactions and ATM withdrawals. You can also set a monthly spending limit : go on your child’s profile, tap on their card, select “Settings” and then “Spending limit”.

Your child will not be able to change these settings themselves from the Revolut Junior app.

You're always in control of the balance available to your child and your child will not be able to spend more than they have available on their card.

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