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How can I download an account statement for a specific currency?

Account statements can be downloaded for any available currency. These statements will contain the following information:

  • Account holder details (name and address)
  • Local and international details of your Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  • Balance summary
  • Pending, completed, and reverted transactions
  • Personal and group Pocket transactions

To get an account statement for a specific currency:

  1. Go to 'Home' on the bottom menu
  2. Tap 'Accounts' below your balance and select the desired currency
  3. Tap 'More(...)' and select 'Statement'
  4. Select the time period, choose a document type (PDF or Excel) and tap 'Generate'

We don’t issue hard-copy documents or provide stamps on requested documents; all statements and confirmation documents are electronically generated.