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Change or verify email address

How to change or verify your email

  1. Open our mobile app
  2. Go to your 'Profile' (top left of 'Home' screen)
  3. Tap 'Account'
  4. Tap 'Personal details'
  5. Tap on your email
  6. Type in your preferred email address and tap 'Verify'
  7. Open the verification email on the same device and tap the confirmation link

If you’re having issues verifying your email

  • Check other email folders, including spam, junk, offers, or promotions
  • Try opening your email in your mobile browser, if you previously used an email app
  • Push and hold on the ‘Verify’ button in the email, press copy, and then paste the copied link into your mobile browser
  • Your email can only be associated with one personal Revolut account at a time — read our FAQ on duplicate accounts if you think you have a second account