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What can I do with my Precious Metals position?

Precious metals can be used pretty much with all Revolut features:

Vaults, cashback, spare change round-up, Stop and Limit Orders, you name it!

You can also send Precious Metals exposure to a friend on Revolut who has this feature enabled.

For that, go to the 'Payments' tab in the app and select from your contact list one of those with an 'R' next to their name and tap ‘Send’. Enter the amount you would like to send, choose XAU or XAG from the drop-down list and tap ‘Send’ again. The Precious Metals exposure will appear immediately in their Revolut account!

Please note that currently, we do not support transferring Precious Metals exposure to accounts outside the Revolut platform, e.g. to an external Precious Metals account.

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