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Currency Exchanges

How to exchange currency

  1. From your 'Home' screen, tap 'Exchange' under your balance
  2. Tap on either currency to change
  3. Tap the arrow in the middle to switch between 'Buy' and 'Sell'
  4. Choose the amount to buy or sell
  5. Tap 'Review Order'
  6. Review the order, including any fees before you complete the exchange

Currency exchange limits

You can perform up to 100 exchanges within a 24-hour period. The limit includes currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, and commodity exchange.

There's no limit on the amount you can exchange in a single transaction, regardless of your plan.

Currency exchange fees

Fair usage fees

Depending on your plan, there's a threshold of exchanges that can be made with no additional fees during the weekdays. This limit is called a fair usage limit.

  • Standard: 0.5% fee charged for exchanges over A$2,000 or equivalent
  • Premium: 0.5% fee charged for exchanges over A$20,000
  • Premium, Metal & Ultra & Metal: No exchange fees on weekdays

The fair usage limit applies to all fiat currency, cryptocurrency, and commodity exchanges, including exchanges made automatically at the time of a transaction. Your fair usage limit resets every month. 

To check your usage and reset date, go to your profile and select your plan from under your Revtag.

Weekend exchange fees

All customers, regardless of their plan, will be charged a 1% fee on all exchanges made on the weekend between 5pm on Friday (ET) and 6pm on Sunday (ET).