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Naming your cards

If you're planning to use many cards across your business, naming cards will help you to list your cards, and you can always search for them by name (e.g. Q1 Facebook Campaign).

Update the card name

Your access could be limited. If you can’t do certain actions or you wish to extend your permissions, contact your business account admin/owner.

  1. Go to ‘Cards’ in the Revolut Business app
  2. Select your card
  3. Click 'Settings' 
  4. Click 'Card name' and update the name

Update the card name when ordering multiple cards at once

  1. Go to ‘Cards’ in the Revolut Business app
  2. Click ‘Order card’
  3. Tick which team members you'd like to issue cards to
  4. Choose the card(s) you'd like to edit
  5. Update the 'Card name' field