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How long does the chargeback process take?

The chargeback process includes several stages, each with its own timeframes. We’ll give you updates about each stage via email. Overall, the entire process, from submission to Revolut to the final decision, can take up to 12 weeks. We cannot speed up this process.

First, we’ll perform an initial review, which usually takes a few days. If we decide to proceed with your case, Merchants have either 45 calendar days (Mastercard) or 30 calendar days (Visa) to respond to the dispute. If the merchant contests the chargeback, they may have another 15 days for their appeal. Unresolved disputes are escalated to Visa and Mastercard for arbitration — the time this takes can vary.

To check your chargeback status:

  1. Go to Payments → select the disputed transaction
  2. Click 'Get help' → 'Chargeback status'