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Metal cards

Business Metal cards are debit{ cards you can order for you or your team members linked to your Revolut Business account with our Grow, Scale, or Enterprise plan.

  • Metal cards are a unique addition to paid plans and as such don't include any insurance or other benefits
  • Metal cards are shipped using an express delivery method, making sure you won't have to wait longer than 3 days
  • Currently we offer two colours for Metal cards: black and gold
  • If you run out of your free Metal cards allowance, you can still get more of them at a cost of 57.99 EUR (or currency equivalent) each

Downgrading or closing your account

You must pay 57.99 EUR for any free Metal card issued within the last 3 months, if you’re:

  • downgrading your plan and Metal cards aren’t included in your new plan allowance
  • closing your account