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Charge customers for items from my product catalogue

Please note: payments charged for catalogue items must be processed through Revolut Reader.

To request a payment for your catalogue items:

  1. Go to Merchant tab on your mobile app
  2. Select RequestCard reader
  3. You should see two tabs on the payment request screen: Amount for custom amounts, and Catalogue to charge your customers for items from your catalogue
  4. In Catalogue tab, tap on items to add them to your cart
  5. In Amount tab, enter the price for a custom item (and an optional description if you like). Click the Plus icon (+) to add your customised item to your cart
  6. The total number of items will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the cart to view all selected items. You can click on items to add more or remove them from the cart
  7. Click the Charge button to charge your customer using your card reader