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Switch my Revolut account to another EU bank or PSP

If you want to switch your Revolut account to another bank or Payment Service Provider (PSP), you need to start the account switching process with that provider. We'll be sad to see you go.

If you're interested in switching your Revolut account to another bank, or Payment Service Provider in another EU Member State (but not Belgium), please let us know.

After receiving your request we will:

  • Give you a list of all your existing periodic transfers instructions and direct debits, if any. We'll also give you any available info on periodic credit transfers and user-initiated direct debit transactions, performed on your payment account during the last 13 months
  • Transfer the remaining positive balance in your account to the account held by you at the new payment service provider; if you're part of a Group Vault you'll have to close it (if you're the admin) or remove your access to the vault in order to switch
  • Close the payment account you have with us (if you want us to). Revolut doesn’t charge you to keep a standard account open that's not being used. We don't recommend closing your Revolut account, as it can take a bit of time to set up a new account with the same mobile number

Closure process

If you still want to close your Revolut account, you'll need to liquidate any open trading positions and move any funds in other pockets to your account. If you’re on a paid plan, we’ll refund you for the remaining days in your current billing cycle.

We'll perform the actions above on a date requested by you, which can't be earlier than 6 business days from the date we first receive your request, with all the information we need to complete it.

We'll also let you know in case we can't close your account (for example, if you have a credit product with us or a negative balance on your account).

Data retention and fees

We'll keep your data for 10 years after closing your account to follow regulations, such as anti-money laundering laws and general bookkeeping obligations.

Revolut won't charge you for the account switching service. The law states that this process is free of charge for both the customer and the receiving provider.