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How do personal plan limits and benefits apply to joint accounts?

Both joint account holders can add, withdraw, manage, and spend the money in the account. However, usage limits remain individual and independent. That means if you and the other account holder have different personal plans, you have different limits on your joint account. Limits apply to transactions only. 

Your limits are accumulated across your accounts:

All transactions you make count towards your limits, whether they’re made from your personal account or your joint account. Fees charged for joint account activity will be taken from the joint account only.

Metal customers can benefit from cashback on their eligible transactions:

The cashback will be credited to their cashback Pocket. To receive cashback, you need to be a Metal customer and make an eligible transaction with your joint account card. 

If the other account holder has a Metal plan and makes an eligible transaction, you won't receive cashback, but they'll receive cashback in their Pocket. If the other account holder doesn't have a Metal plan, they won't earn cashback from their eligible card payments.

You can find more information about Metal cashback on this page.

Insurance benefits in paid plans don’t apply to joint accounts.