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What happens if my joint account balance goes negative?

Your joint account balance might drop below zero, for several reasons, for example:

  • An authorisation payment amount was less than the final amount of the transaction (public transportation, a hotel or car rental damage deposit) 
  • You incur fees for Revolut services 
  • A card payment has been delayed (for instance, if the merchant can’t process the transaction due to connection issues) 

Not to worry, once your balance becomes negative, we'll notify you in-app. You’ll have 7 business days to add money.

After that, we’ll try to correct the balance automatically by:

  • Moving money from your or the other account holder’s personal Revolut accounts
  • Adding money from your or the other account holder's stored card, per our Terms & Policies page

We'll never use the money in your joint account to offset an amount owed to us on your personal account.

If your balance is negative because you didn’t authorise a card transaction, you can get help in this FAQ in our Help Centre.