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Switching to a Belgian IBAN

Revolut is launching a Belgian branch. This means that existing customers in Belgium will be migrated to the Belgian branch and will receive a Belgian IBAN.

With a Belgian IBAN, your Revolut account will now be even better suited for use as a primary account to:

  • Get your salary paid directly into Revolut
  • Make payments via Direct Debit
  • Avoid the additional paperwork required for non-Belgian IBANs
  • Pay utility providers directly from your Revolut account

To obtain it, you need to be a resident of Belgium. If you're eligible, you'll receive a communication from us regarding the Belgian IBAN. If you have a Joint Account and/or Revolut Pro Account, the IBANs will also change to Belgian IBANs. 

Migration will take place in phases about 2 to 3 months after receiving the notification email. If you don't migrate 3 months after receiving the notification email, don't worry, the phases may take some time and your migration will happen soon after! 

🔍 Read more about new local account details here.