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Dispute a transaction

If you don't recognise a card payment, freeze your card to prevent any further unauthorised payments:

  • Go to the 'Cards' section, by tapping the card icon in the top right
  • Find your card and select 'Freeze'

To dispute the charge, 🔎 Find the payment in your transaction history and click 'Get help', then select the relevant option.

Depending on the status of the transaction, we will provide all available options including unrecognised payments, incorrect or duplicate charges, reporting fraud, and making a chargeback claim.

Options can be limited if the transaction is still 🕘 pending - read this article for more information.

If your card is lost or stolen, terminate the card in the app. You check how to do it in this article.

Unrecognised transfer to a merchant

If you do not recognise transfer to a specific merchant, check this article.