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Bonds basics

A bond is a fixed income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower. They are used by governments and corporations for financing purposes, instead of a classic bank loan. The bond issuer receives the necessary capital during the bond offering phase. Investors receive a periodic interest (coupon) until the maturity date, at which point the bond’s principal is repaid.

Coupon payments

Coupon payments are typically paid annually, but the frequency can vary by the bond.

To see the next upcoming coupon date of a bond:

  1. Click on the particular bond
  2. Scroll down on the asset details page

The amount you get is dependent on how much you have purchased.

Revolut offers:

  • Government bonds 
  • Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds are issued by private-sector companies, while government bonds include the 'sovereign' debt. A sub-sector of government bonds are the agency and quasi-government bonds, which are special-purpose bonds, focusing on specific infrastructure, R&D, or other social welfare projects.