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Fund my Investment account

There’s no minimum amount necessary when funding your account. Your Investment account is in USD and EUR.

How to add funds

  1. Go to 'Invest' on the bottom menu
  2. Choose 'Add money'
  3. Select 'Brokerage account'
  4. Select USD or EUR depending on which securities you are looking to buy
  5. Select the currency and the amount of the deposit

Currency exchange fees

If you fund your Investment account in currencies other than USD or EUR Investment account in currencies other than EUR, we’ll apply the real currency exchange rate and fees. For more information on currency exchanges, read this FAQ. For more details on fees and charges associated with our services, depending on your plan, check out our Fees page

If any fees were charged on your exchange, you can see them by tapping on the transaction in your transactions list. All fees are visible in-app before you confirm a transaction.