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How can I withdraw money from my Merchant account?

Payments you receive from your customers will be settled into your Merchant account — which is inside your Business account, and only receives payments from your sales. To make use of this money, you'll need to move it out of your Merchant account into your Business account.

You can move money from your Merchant account to your Business account using the ‘Withdraw’ button in the Merchant tab. You can move money  from your Merchant account to your Revolut Business account at no cost.

You can also enable auto-withdrawals to automatically move funds from your Merchant account into your linked Business account at the end of each day. Auto-withdrawals work only with the same currency accounts, i.e. from GBP to GBP.

Here's how to switch on auto-withdrawals:

  1. Go to your Merchant account
  2. Click on your Merchant account balance
  3. Select the currency account you want to auto-withdraw from
  4. Open ‘Details’
  5. Toggle on ‘Auto-withdrawals’