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What is a Merchant account?

A Merchant account gives you access to Revolut Business’s acquiring services, allowing you to accept debit and credit card payments both in-person and online.

Our Merchant services include the following three categories:

  • In-person transactions: you'll be able to make sales in person with Revolut Reader — our card reader — or through Tap-To-Pay on iPhone for eligible countries. You don't need to have a website to be eligible for these payment methods.
  • Online transactions: you'll be able to make online sales using Invoices, Payment Links, or Revolut Pay. You need to have an online presence, but you don't need to have a functional e-commerce website for this (e.g. you can have a regular website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Instagram profile, Google Maps listing, etc).
  • API and Plugin integration: you'll be able to process all the online payments on your website via the Revolut Payment Gateway and receive the payments directly into your Merchant account. You need to have a fully functional website and might need to provide proof of ownership.