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How can I check the status of my Revolut Pro payment request, and what does each status mean?

To check the status of a Revolut Pro payment request:

  • Go to 'Home' → tap account selector below your balance → scroll down until you find 'Pro' → 'See all sales'.
  • Select the required payment request or invoice.

You'll see the status and details of any attempts that have been made to pay it.

The request will be marked as 'Paid' if it's been paid by your customer. A 'pending' payment request has been created by you, but not yet paid by your customer. If a payment is being processed, it'll show as 'pending' but without an expiry date.

When you create a payment request, your customer will have a month to pay it. If it's not paid during this time period, the payment request will move to 'expired'.