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What is a Revolut joint account?

A Revolut joint account is a shared account that allows two individuals to manage their finances together through our app or website. It provides a transparent and efficient way to handle shared expenses, such as bills, rent, or family expenses.

Each owner has the full right to withdraw, deposit, and manage the account's funds.

Elevate your family's financial journey with Revolut Joint Account:

  • Adult children can conveniently share a joint bank account with their elderly parents, allowing for easy money transfers without the need for topping up a personal account.
  • Parents can open a joint account with their adult children to assist them with saving money and encourage the development of positive financial habits.

Enjoy benefits the joint account can offer:

  • Each member can have their own joint account card, specifically labelled as such
  • You can get your salary paid into joint account
  • Use Apple or Google Pay with your a joint account card
  • Manage recurring payments (bank transfers, direct debits or subscriptions) and schedule payments
  • Open a currency account
  • Save money toward shared goals