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Currency exchange orders

To exchange money and cryptocurrencies automatically, you can set up limit and stop orders.

  1. From the 'Home' screen, tap 'Exchange' under your balance
  2. Tap 'Market order' in the top-right
  3. Choose 'Stop order' or 'Limit order'

Stop order

A stop order helps you buy or sell currency at a lower rate than the current market rate, but only when the exchange rate hits a specific level you set. This order type is often used to limit potential losses if the rate moves unfavourably. For example, if the current EUR/USD rate is 1.10, and you’re worried it might fall, you could set a stop order to sell EUR at 1.09. This means if the rate drops to 1.09, your currency will be sold automatically to prevent further loss.

Limit order

A limit order is used to buy or sell currency at a better rate than the current market rate. You set a specific rate at which you want the order to execute. This type of order is useful if you believe the exchange rate will move in a favourable direction. For example, if EUR/USD is currently 1.10, and you think it'll improve, you might set a limit order to buy EUR at 1.11. Your order will only be executed if the rate reaches or exceeds 1.11, ensuring you benefit from the better rate.

Manage your currency orders

  1. Go to 'Payments' on the bottom menu 
  2. Tap the calendar icon in top-right corner
  3. Scroll down to find 'Orders'

You can't modify orders once set up. If you need to change an order, you'll have to cancel it and set up a new one. To cancel an order, tap on it and tap 'Cancel'.

Common order failure reasons

  • Insufficient balance
  • Deactivated currency account
  • Account is locked or restricted
  • Exceeded daily limit of 100 exchanges per 24 hours
  • Price slippage — fiat rates shifted more than 0.75% from the target value. Execution will retry when the rate matches the target value again