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Sleep Cycle

How to access: tap the profile icon on the top left of your Home screen → select 'Your plan' → scroll down, pick the benefit, and follow the instructions.

Start your day feeling energised with Sleep Cycle’s intelligent alarm clock and sleep tracker, designed to:

  • Gently wake you up while you’re in your lightest sleep phase.
  • Visualise your sleep trends through daily sleep graphs.
  • Capture snoring, sleep talking, and other sounds affecting your sleep with patented sound technology.


  • Ultra, Metal, and Premium plan: access to Sleep Cycle Premium subscription.


  • For any issue after subscribing to the benefit, get help via email address.
  • If you have an existing subscription, deactivate it in the Sleep Cycle app. Once it expires, you can use the benefit through Revolut.

👉 This benefit is available to Ultra, Metal, and Premium customers in selected countries only. If you end your subscription, you'll automatically lose access to these benefits.