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What is the branch migration process?

Branch migration is a process that transfers customers from our Revolut Bank UAB entity to its national branch, e.g. to a local Irish, French, Spanish, Dutch or Belgian branch of Revolut Bank UAB.

The purpose of branch migration is to allow our customers to receive a national IBAN, and to provide features compliant with the local laws and regulations.

By beginning the branch migration process, your account services provider and T&Cs may change from Revolut Bank UAB to your local branch.

During the branch migration process, your account details, balances, transaction history, and other relevant information will be transferred seamlessly to the local branch, to ensure the continuity of account services and continued access to funds.

You may need to provide additional documentation such as national ID or information as per the regulatory requirements of the branch. This is to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

The features and functionality of the account typically remain the same after branch migration. However, you should get familiar with any specific terms and conditions, or limitations associated with the branch's jurisdiction.

The availability and timelines for branch migration may vary depending on the specific jurisdictions involved, and the internal processes of Revolut. The branch migration process may have specific eligibility criteria.

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