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More help with a payment link

Change the amount

To change the amount on a payment link, you need to cancel it and create a new one.

Cancelling a payment link

You can cancel a payment link at any time before it expires, as long as it’s not already claimed. To do so, tap on the transaction and then tap the 'cancel' button. 

Why did my transfer to a Revolut customer appear as a link?

If the other person isn't your friend on Revolut, has their discoverability limited, or isn't on Revolut yet, then your transfer to their email or phone number will be sent as a pending payment link.

Transfer was a fraud or scam

If you sent money via payment link, and it ended up being fraudulent, immediately end all communication with the fraudster or scammer and follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the transfer in your transaction history
  2. Tap 'Get help'
  3. Tap 'Report this transfer as fraud' and follow the on-screen prompts