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Voting at shareholder meetings for companies I own shares of

Exercising voting rights for companies you hold shares of

As a shareholder, you have the ability to cast your vote for shareholder meetings. You will be provided an invitation through a third party that will provide all the necessary details to participate.

How do I vote? 

If you are eligible to participate and vote, you will receive an invitation email before the event’s date.

Who will be sending the invitation email? 

The email will be sent from [email protected]. You'll need to click on the 'Vote now' button, which will take you to the voting page.

Revolut utilises broker firms like DriveWealth LLC and Upvest GmbH who provide execution and custody services for stock and ETF trading.

When it comes to US securities, DriveWealth LLC, in turn, utilises a third party vendor, Broadridge, to manage, collate and facilitate any shareholder actions. Regarding European securities, Revolut holds a direct partnership with Broadridge for the same purpose.

Is fractional voting supported?

Voting may be available even if you own a fraction of a share, depending on the issuing company in case of US-listed securities (for example, if you hold 0.30 of a share). In case of EU-listed securities, you can vote if you hold 1 or more shares, for example, 1.40 shares.